2 Years After DVT and pulmonary Embolus, Very Risky for a Liposuction?

2 years ago, I had a DVT and pulmonary embolus, 6 months ago I had a tummy tuck and breast lifting and implants. Everything was fine. Now since I have to make revision of my scar in both breasts because the scars, were opened around the areola, I am considering a liposuction in the back, arms and legs. For my tummy tuck I was injected with warfarin to prevent blood clots, also my doctor says that is too risky for me to transfer fat taken from my back to my butts. Is that more risky?

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DVT and PE, liposuction risk

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It depends on why you had the original blood clot - do you have an underlying clotting disorder, were you in an accident or on bed rest, etc.   It is possible that your surgeon thinks the lipo and buttock injections are too risky because of the amount of time under anesthesia or the postoperative limitations in mobility.  Long general anesthetic time is an independent risk factor for blood clots, as is immobility, being overweight, older age, hormone therapy, and many other factors that work together to increase risk.   Consult with board certified plastic surgeons to get a few opinions if you really want to have surgery, but remember that the first rule in elective surgery is your safety.

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