Are There Any Risks Swapping Smooth Round Implants to Textured Teardrops?

I had a BA done in Dec 2009. Smooth, round 325cc silicone implants, placed under muscle, through armpit. Left did not drop to match right so April 2011 I had the implant lowered. Underneath crease, nipple alignment= perfect. However the right breast is much fuller in the upper pole compared to left. Was told the only way to get them even now (fuller) would be to swap to textured tear drop implants. Are there any risks associated with doing this? Does anyone have any reccommendations? Thanks!

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Swapping round implants for textured teardrop implants

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I do not think this will give you the result you are looking for. It sounds like the left implant which was riding high was released and now is fine, but the opposite right breast is not the one that is riding minimally high...that is, giving a bit more upper pole fullness than the left side.  This can sometimes happen when you revise one ends up softer and more relaxed into the tissues than the unoperated side, and you wish you had done both.  Anyway, textured teardrop implants will not hold their position without a new fresh raw pocket to "adhere" to, so you would have to have bilateral capsulectomies (removal of the pocket linings) and now we are getting even more complex!  Sounds like a minor adjustment of the right side may make more sense, but I am saying this without seeing photos so I have no idea what your breasts look like.

Textured teardrop Implants

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The majjor issue with the textured teardrop implants is that they rotate often and the fullness can be in places you dont want.  This is why they are seldom  used today.

Miguel Delgado, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implant Exchange with Anatomical Implants?

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Thank you for the question.

I have concerns with the use of anatomical (teardrop)  shaped  breast implants given that they potentially can shift/rotate  changing the shape of the breasts.  This situation may necessitate further surgery to correct. I would suggest you discuss other options with your plastic surgeon and/or seek additional opinions.

Best wishes.

Use caution

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I agree with the other surgeons.  Use caution when changing out a smooth wall for a textured implant.  If you do not do a complete capsulectomy and have virgin tissue for the textured implant  to stick to, the textured implants can move around and turn upside down.  Only if they are not soft would I do that, and only then would I use another incision other than the armpit incision that you have used.  The armpit incision is my favorite though.  good luck. 

Dan Mills

Dan Mills, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Textured implants after smooth ones may not stay in place

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Once you have had an augmentation and have an established pocket with its lining (the capsule), a new textured implant will not stick in place and may move arounnd which would be a new poblem for you.  I once saw a patient where a doctor had tried this and every morning she had to get up and turn the implant around as it had flipped upside down in her sleep.

Unless a textured anatomical tear drop implant locks in place, it won't give you the symmetry you want.  The entire capsule would have to be removed for this to work.

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