Risks of Revision Worth It?

I hadsurgery 7/3/12. Started w/ AA cup. I'm 5' 92lbs. My surgeon gave me 270cc Natrelle style 10 low projection 12.2 diameter, 3.3 projection under the muscle crease incisions. I'm so disappointed. I'm thinking of going with Natrelle style 15 mid range projection 339cc, 12.4 diameter, and 4 cm projection. What are the risks of doing an implant exchange? Will adding 70cc and changing the profile from low to mid range make enough of an impact on someone my size? Thanks for your time!

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Augmentation revision

Usually, we tell our patients that changing implant size by 75 to 100 cc is necessary to see a difference if you want to go up or down in size.  The description you give suggests a small change. Only you can tell if it would be worth the added cost, risk of infection, capsular contracture etc.  discuss this in detail with your surgeon.

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