What Are the Risks of Rejection of Saline Implants to a Psoriatic Person on Enbrel?

I have had a small tattoo removed from my wrist in the past with no problems. It seems that surgical incisions never are attacked by my psoriasis. Even my tubal ligation inscision. But, that is not implanting anything. I never went off of the Enbrel for either of those procedures. When on my Enbrel my healing time is exceptional even for colds. Healing tends to drag on forever when I am off of the Enbrel. I do not know what picture would assist you in an answer.

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Enbrel and surgery

You would not be at a risk of "rejecting" a saline implant on that medication.  I have never heard of a patient truely rejecting a breast implant.  You can have healing problems and that puts the implant at risk of infection.  Good luck.

Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Breast SUrgery on Embrel

THere is no good answer to this other than stop the medication if you can at least 1-2 weeks (and ask your doctor who prescribed embrel if this is OK)

THere are always risks of Plastic Surgery regardless of the medications you take

Happy Surgery!

Dr J

Thomas T. Jeneby, MD
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Enbrel and Wound Healing

Dear Bax, Enbrel is a biologic response modifier that suppresses Tumor Necrosis Factor. Unfortunately, no good data exists looking at the risk of wound healing complications in patients taking these drugs. As a result, different doctors will give you different answers regarding the need to stop Enbrel. Because the consequences of wound healing complications with breast augmentation can be dire, I'd recommend stopping Enbrel at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. Again, you may get different answers from different doctors, but again, better to be safe than sorry!

Sam Jejurikar, MD
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