Can Local Anesthesia Cause Paralysis or Brain Damage?

I am extremely scared of the risks of anesthesia and my biggest fear is getting brain damage or becoming paralyzed or something...i was wondering if there is a risk of that with local anesthesia? I weigh 128 and am 5'3 and am getting a brazilian butt lift. My appt is at 9 and they said I wouldnt need to be picked up until around 2:30 is that a safe amount of time to be under? Thanks in advance for your time :)

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General anesthesia risks

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If you are healthy with no medical problems, you can tolerate general anesthesia for upto 10 hours for elective surgery without any added risk. You should ask your anesthesiologist abou the risks associated with general anesthesia.

Local anesthesia

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Any medication can have side effects. As for local anesthesia the side effects include ALLERGY, and OVERDOSE.

Discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Tell him all about your medical history, and Family history of anesthesia reactions.

Your history of having had  local anesthesia (Teeth work).

Discuss with your surgeon the amount of local anesthesia that will be used and the safe dose of local anesthesia .

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

You are still awake during local anesthesia.

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Local anesthesia is a combination of numbing the area with lidocaine or marcaine (same thing the dentist uses) with a combination of oral sedatives and pain relievers.  You are not "out" on local anesthesia.  It is the lightest method of anesthesia.  If you have other health issues that are making you weary of anesthesia, talk to your surgeon.  This is not a realistic concern unless you have other health issues or you are allergic to the medications used.

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