What Are the Risks of LED Treatments?

What are the benefits and risks of LED treatments?

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Understanding LED

LED Light treatments consist of light emitting diodes that have been turned into medical devices. Generally, the treatment is safe for people for all skin types. It is non-invasive, pain-free, and does not cause cancer. In fact it can be sued as a part of treatment for skin cancer. LED light treatments have many medical benefits including treatment for aging and damage skin, speeding up the rate of healing, and treatment of mild to moderate acne. In fact, the FDA has approved LED treatment for periorbital (eye area) wrinkles. In particular, my office has noticed a significant improvement in the rate of healing following a laser resurfacing treatment with a high reduction in redness and noticeable increase in cell turnover. 

All in all, the short exposure to LED light will not likely harm your eyes, it is still recommended that you do not look directly into the lights and during treatment. Patients should wear protective eye shields while laying until or near the light. 

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