Risks in revision genioplasty or sliding it back? I will wait until tissues heal but need realistic advice to plan ahead. (photo

My family look at me like an odd stranger, especially when I smile. Tremendously depressing. Is it possible to achieve original volume in the lower lip? My lower teeth are slowly becoming crooked despite my permanent retainer. My surgeon said this would only be temporary but I do not understand how they will reposition alone? I still have stitches after 4 weeks, should they have dissolved by now? I'm scared of getting an infection as I need revision so trying to heal asap.

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Sliding Genioplasty Concerns

I am assuming that you have had a sliding genioplasty and are now 'regretting' it due to some early healing issues. The intraoral approach for the procedure can cause some early lip stiffness and apparent lack of volume. However, it would not be expected to cause any change in your lower teeth alignment. There really is no risk of infection at this point in an autologous operation like the sliding genioplasty. While a sliding genioplasty can be reversed at any time, it is best to do it before 6 to 8 weeks after surgery before the bone becomes more healed. All facial skeletal surgeries, like a genioplasty, do require some healing time and accomodation to the new look. This is why my advice to most patients is to wait until three months after surgery before deciding if it has provided a positive change.

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