What Are the Risks of Having a Gastric Bypass?

I know every surgery has risks, but are there any specific to this type of surgery? Is there anything I can do to cut down the risks?

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Risks of Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Every operation has risks.  The biggest risk is you can die from gastric bypass surgery but the risk of dying from the obesity is much greater than the risk of surgery if performed by an experienced Center of Excellence Bariatric Surgeon.  Other risks include bleeding, leaks from any of the staple lines or connections, blood clots in the legs that can go to the lungs, hernia, wound infections, strictures, ulcers, internal hernias.  To cut down on the risk you should try to be in optimum health at the time of surgery,  try to lose some weight prior to surgery, and seek out the most experienced surgeon in your area that is a Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery by the ASMBS.

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