Risks for a 5th Surgery What to Do?

I've had 4 revision rhin/septo the 4th surgery my surgeon harvest cartilage from my ear and the outcome is still the same and the grafts are visible because of my thin skin.  I had a round nose before but my surgeon decided to narrow my nose and removed cartilage that it caused my tip to be pointy and both sides of my nose/nostrils asymmetric.  If I go through 5th surgery what are the risks involved of my skin being thin will it get worst? What can I do to fix the tip and side nostril part of my nose?

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Revision rhino

First of all wait a year at least before considering any intervention. Should you have concerns, see a rhinoplasty specialist. What is a rhinoplasty specialist? To me that is a physician who primarily performs rhinoplasty/revision rhinoplasty in lieu of all other procedures. This person would have years of experience (at least 10 to 15 to build up that type of practice) and should be able to show you many photos. Search the Internet and see more than one physician, ask questions (how many do you do and for how many years being primary). They can review your risks with you but in general the more you operate on the nose the greater the risk of skin necrosis and the more difficult it is to get a good result.

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