Risks of Fat Grafting on Temple Area?

What are the risks associated with Fat grafting the temple area?

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Fat grafting (lipoinjection) to temple area (hollow)

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Some of the risks of lipoinjection (fat grafting) to the temporal hollow include:

  1. infection
  2. hematoma
  3. fibrosis
  4. nodularity
  5. irregularity
  6. cicatricial alopecia
  7. overcorrection
  8. undercorrection
  9. abscess formation
  10. fat necrosis
  11. fat saponification
  12. neuropraxia/neurotmesis (temporal branch of the facial nerve) resulting in temporary or permanent forehead weakness
  13. numbness
  14. pain
  15. ulceration
  16. donor site deformity or problems
  17. firmness
  18. calcification
  19. lumpiness
  20. etc.

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Contour irregularity may be common complication

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Fat grafting in the temporal area needs to be done judiciously and using small amounts. The skin is generally thinner and sits against hard bone. This area will show even the smallest bumps. Trying to mold the fat using finger pressure after the injection doesn't work well. So, in addition to the serious conditions that the previous answer described, I would be mindful of irregularities.

Reza Nabavian, MD
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