What Are the Risks with the Erbium Yag on Lower Eyelids on Sensitive Skin?

I had lower eye blepharoplasty a year ago. My skin feels sensitive and looks uneven since. Due to a misunderstanding I post-operatively applied hot boiled water on the sutures. Anyway my initial surgeon has advised laser resurfacing with the erbium yag. I'm worried the skin already feels sensitive that this could increase the risks of further complications. I have had a second opinion and been told that skin has not been burned. Is it possible to give the likelihood of risks against benefits?

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Laser after blepharoplasty

Erbium yag lasers after blepharoplasty should be safe in most cases and can even be benfecial.  It can be used to camouflage scar lines and even can be used to tighten skin further without having to do surgery.  Not all erbium yag lasers are created equally and so you would want to know if the device is fractionated or full ablation.  The skin is thin on the eyelids and so one must know their laser settings well before resurfacing the lid skin.  That being said, check your doctors experience and credentials and then if you trust in them make your decision how to proceed. Lastly, remember that the first thing to identify is what is really going on with your skin before treating it in any way.

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