Risks of Chin Implant Removal Due to Numbness

In March 2008, I had a med size silicone chin implant- numbness on entire left side of lips and chin has remained 2 yrs- awful!

My doc says remove and 90% certainty or greater it will go away at least 90% and no sag beccuase i have good skin? 48 yrs old-

3 other docs say 50% improvemnet or less on the numbness, some say may need scar tissue scraping procedure for nerve damage, some say sagging? I'm going crazy- can't stand it in, afraid to remove? My doc is well respected in many circles?

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Chin implant removal

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Chin Implant removal information/and considerations: For the vast majority of chin implants, removal is straight  forward most commonly using the  same incision that was used to place it. The procedure is often done in the office with local anesthesia with or without some sedation, but also commonly done in the OR under IV sedation or general anesthesia per patient's and surgeon's preference.  Most implants are silicone and are not adherent so slip out readily. Medpor, also called PTFE, may have tissue ingrowth and can be a bit more involved but still can be removed in the same manner.  It is very helpful for your surgeon to  review your prior surgical records to know the size and type of implant used. This may be obtained by contacting your prior surgeon's office or OR facility and request your prior surgical records.

Expectations: if the chin implant was small and removed within the first few years chances are likely that you will return a similar size and shape as before. If the implant was small, the chin soft tissue usually shrinks back down without  sagging.  Often, there is still some gain once the implant is removed due to the scarring and capsule (lining your body makes around the implant) that gives some benefit. On the other hand a large implant placed many years ago, and other factors such as being elderly, having osteoporosis and perhaps smoking that can cause loss of underlying bone due to  bony erosion from the pressure of the implant. In this case  use of a natural filler such your fat or at times a bone graft may recommended for different reasons. Your surgeon may request a  Panorex or lateral cephalometric x-ray to see if this is the case.  Temporary fillers can also be tried such as Jeuvederm, Sculptra, Voluma, Volbella, etc. 

Most important of all make sure you pick a plastic surgeon with great expertise in #chinaugmentation and #chinimplantremoval. 

See the below link on how best to choose your surgeon.

What to expect after chin implant removal

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If there is numbness, the only way to know if it will get any better is to remove the implant. It is a very simple procedure to perform without any worries about sagging skin. The skin will re-drape back to its normal anatomical position prior to the chin implant. There is probably a 50/50 chance that the numbness will not improve after the chin implant has been removed.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Chin implant removal

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The numbness could be due to pressure of the implant on the nerve, if so it has been there for 2 years. The injury to the nerve may come back totally, partially or non at all.

If the numbness is due to cutting the nerve at the first surgery then the feeling will not come back.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Numbness after chin implant

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I don't know how anyone can quantitate your chances of improvement. Certainly, if the implant is stretching or impinging the nerve you MAY have improvememt. If the numbness is due to a mechanical injury at time of implantation, your numbness may be permanent.

If you want to give removal a try, then it seems reasonable. I would go in hopeful, but know that the surgery may not give improvement. If you can live with that uncertainty, you should do well.

Chin numbness is a complication of Chin Implant Surgery.

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If you're miserable with your numb chin, and want to see what things are like without it, removal of your silicone implant is relatively straightforward. Silicone elastomer implants are encapsulated, and I think removal is relatively low risk. There is always a possibility of further nerve damage, but in the right hands this is remote.

You'll certainly lose your chin projection, and your neck skin will change a bit. The main concern is that you might not get sensation back to the affected area. It's almost 2 years since your procedure. In the best scenario, your mental nerve (sensory nerve to your chin) is being pressed upon by the implant and not transected. Even if the nerve is intact, there is no guarantee sensation would return upon removal.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Chin implant removal, numbness and skin shrinkage.

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Implant removal should not make it worse. I am confused with the desire to get a percentage. Will a 50% versus 90% difference really influence your decision. If the implant is silicone, it should be easily extracted. No one can tell you, with any certainty, what the percentage will be. It is simply an educated guess. In terms of the chin sagging, this is generally not a concern unless it is an oversized implant and you have experienced bony atrophy in the time the implant has been in place.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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