Am I Risking Excessive Tightness with a Lower Lift?

I had a neck lift in Jan 2009 to correct a sagging platysma muscle. My Plastic Surgeon suggested a mini lift to correct minor jowling. I was initially pleased with the results.However,I'm already starting to see a occurrence of jowls. I've had dermal fillers(radiesse ) injected into my jawline to help it's contour,but these injections are costly & I'm wondering if it's too soon for a revision. Am I risking a too tight jawline by a second lift? My surgeon suggests I should consider a 2nd.

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Mini Facelift and Revision Surgery. Facelift and Re-operation.

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Realistic expectations are very important after facelift surgery and neck lift surgery. Many people will like the positive changes and the improvement they get. Many will also wish the facelift result was tighter or better. This is common.

Many people get partial improvement as the tissues relax after surgery, and this is what can be disappointing. It is normal after cosmetic neck lift surgery.

Your platysma muscles were most likely repaired, but you have developed alittle extra skin since your surgery. Radiesse won't help this- even to the jaw line. Only surgery can improve it.

Your picture looks like its a small amount of extra skin. You look young!  I would probably give it some time. A year or two might help you see how you feel about more surgery. This costs nothing. Go slow is wise advice.

Too many facelifts or neck lifts can make someone look fake. I don't think this will happen to you. But waiting might be a wiser option for you now.

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