Risk of Scar Tissue from Juvederm and Restylane?

I am considering Restylane or Juvederm for my "smile lines." Someone commented above, "If you don't want to feel the product, Juvederm is better." I don't want to be able to "feel" the product after it has been injected. Do you think I should NOT be considering having this done?

As a side note, I developed a lot of painful scar tissue (not keloids) after an abdominal surgery and still have the pain 15 months later. Is there any risk of developing painful scar tissue after these injections? Thank you.

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Fillers and palpability

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Fillers in the deep lines of the face can be done with either restylane or juvederm. Both are good products and should not be palpable after injection.

Feeling Juvederm vs Restylane in the skin

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Juvederm is a bit softer and is easier to inject. As far as feeling the product, once it is settled in the skin, in about a week to 10 days, it is unlikely you will feel it from a sensation standpoint or from a palpable touch to the skin. Some gentle smoothing with your fingers following injection may help spread the filler product, but you don't want to do any aggressive massaging or you could misplace the filler.

Smile lines are natural and you don't necessarily want to obliterate them completely. Only an overfill would allow you to actually sense the product. An experienced dermatologist or surgeon will be conservative in your first injections and if after several weeks you felt you wanted more, a touchup could be added.

Scarring is not, in my personal experience, an issue with fillers.

The pain you are experiencing with post surgical scars may not be the scar itself from the incision so much as adhesions -- a type of scar in a sense, but not the same as an externally viewable scar. An adhesion will bind one organ to another during the healing phase and this prevents normal easy movement within the body cavity.

You are not cutting the skin so no scar tissue should form. The only potential for scarring from filler injections is the tiny scars that would accumulate from repeated needle sticks over many treatment sessions.

You Will Feel the Product toSome Degree, but Scarring is Unusual

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If you have any depth to the folds, you will need 1 cc or more injected to correct them. This amount of filler will feel firm under the skin, and there may even be lumps at first. Rarely are these visible, especially if you see a trained and experienced physician.

I have not had patient complain about the mild fullness they may feel after injections.

Also, I have not seen or felt any sigificant scarring in any of may patients who receive even mutiple injections of fillers over the years, although I have seen the lips develop scar tissue after multiple collagen injections.

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