How Risky is Pearl Laser?

I’m 29 yr-old Japanese female with (acne) craters on both the cheeks (quite deep on the cheeks). I no longer get severe acnes on the face but crater (acne scars) remains.

A Tokyo-based Japanese doctor in a relatively new clinic suggested me to test Pearl Laser as a monitor (i.e. treatment free of charge). Though I desperately want to remove my scars, I am concerned about its risks of damaging my skin leaving severe scars. Could you share your thought on this?

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Pearl Laser

There is always risk, and for your skin type (Asian) the risk is even higher.  Thus, very conservative settings are needed to protect your skin, and you want an experienced user.

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Pearl Fractional may be of help

We have had good success in terms of improving acne scars with the Pearl Fractional laser (which is different from the regular Pearl laser). The only concern is your skin type. If you have darker skin, I would advise caution as the color of your skin can be changed. However, if you skin is fairly light, you may well be a candidate for this treatment.

In terms of safety, we have found this to be quite safe. We have yet to see any healing problems at all. There has also been no permanent alteration in skin pigmentation. However, you should be given an antiviral drug to suppress fever blisters, and perhaps an antibiotic for a few days.

You an expect to see an improvement in the scars, but they will probably not go away altogether.

David B. Reath, MD
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