Are There Risks in Having Breast Implants with a Fibroadenoma?

i found out that i have a fibroadenoma and have had two ultra sounds on my breast. the doctor didn't seem too worried until i mentioned that i wanted to have a breast augmentation. i wanted to know if it was common for women to still have a breast augmentation with a fibroasenoma and if there are any risk i should know about.

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Fibroadenoma and breast augmentation

It would be my preference to remove the fibroadenoma prior to performing a breast augmentation, or possibly do the cases together if a reliable frozen section diagnosis is available at the same time.

How without pathology are you sure it is a fibroadenoma and not a malignancy?

I do not feel comfortable "following" breast lumps, especially when they are easily removed and biopsied.

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Are There Risks in Having Breast Implants with a Fibroadenoma?

Thank you for the question. I would agree that there is not much to worry about with the diagnosis of a benign lesion such as a fibroadenoma.  Generally speaking, a lesion that has been worked up and found to be a benign (such as a fibroadenoma) since can be removed during the time of breast augmentation surgery. This is especially true if the lesion is close to the planned incision for the breast surgery.   Best wishes. 

A fibro adenoma is completely benign non-cancerous breast lump and there are no significant risks in my opinion of having a brea

Thank you very much for your enquiry, a fibro adenoma is completely benign non-cancerous breast lump and there are no significant risks in my opinion of having a breast augmentation. It is sometimes possible to remove the fibro adenoma internally while performing the breast augmentation without the next terms of scarring, it may be worth discussing this with your plastic surgeon.

Following your breast augmentation, the implant is placed behind the breast tissue and you will be able to feel your breast tissue as normal. I think it would be best to discuss your fibrinoma fully with your plastic surgeon prior to making the decision as to whether you would like to proceed with the breast augmentation.

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Fibroadenoma and breast implants

If a patient of mine has a breast mass, I will recommend that it be removed for even if someone says it is a fibroadenoma, it could possibly be a cancer. I usually will remove it first and do a frozen section analysis and if it is benign, like a fibroadenoma, then do the breast augmentation. 

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Can I have a breast augmentation with a fibroadenoma?

Fibroadenoma can be removed at the time of a breast augmentation. After fibroadenoma is removed a frozen section can confirm the lack of malignancy and then the implant can be inserted. If you were my patient I would recommend to remove the fibroadenoma first let everything heal and then proceed with the breast augmentation.

Fibroadenoma and breast augmentation

You should have the mass biopsied/removed before having breast augmentation.  You will not know for sure if it is in fact a fibroadenoma until it is removed. This can be done before your breast implants are placed. If you would like to have both done simultaneously, you need to have the mass examined by a frozen section, meaning a pathologist looks at the tissue to determine it is benign, before the implants are placed.

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Best to remove them.

I agree that a fibroadenoma is not a problem per se but, that it would be best to remove them and have a tissue proven diagnosis first.  While fibroadenomas are benign, they do grow and they do cause pain and can be tender.   You could remove them at the same time as your breast augmentation (with frozen section confirmation)  and get it all done at once.  

Hope this helps.  Good Luck!

Dr Grant Stevens  

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Fibroadenoma and breast augmentation

A lump in the breast should be worke dup first before having breast augmentation.  Get the final pathology and then have the augmentation if it is negative.

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Fibroadenoma & Breast Implants

Fibroadenomas are benign tumors of the breast and are not per se a contraindication to breast augmentation.  Augmentation should have no effect on the behavior of your fibroadenoma.  The only consideration is that, if you develop a significant capsular contracture, it could be more difficult to monitor the fibroadenoma on physical exam.

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