Low risk BCC


I wanted to know if a primary superficial BCC on the lower back that otherwise has no high risk criteria, is regarded as low risk no matter of it's diameter?

I have seen conflicting information regarding size as a solitary risk criteria 


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Superficial basal cell carcinoma

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Great question.  In general, a superficial basal cell carcinoma is less risk than a deeper or more aggressive variant.  The problem arises in sampling of the tumor.  Think of the lesion (especially a larger one) as a grid...if the dermatologist biopsies one portion of the lesion, then the biopsy is really only accounting and representative of that focal area.  Point being, the assumption of diagnosis of a larger area based on a smaller biopsy may or may not be as representative.  My main point here is that I would not just ignore it.  There are certainly multiple less invasive treatments for superficial BCCs such as topical therapy or C&D (curettage & dessication).  I would of course discuss your results with the diagnosing dermatologist and determine the most appropriate therapy for you.  Hope this helps.

Columbus Dermatologic Surgeon

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