Options To Fix Rippling/Wrinkling of Inspira HP Unders?

Hello, i think i have (almost) the perfect combination in order NOT to get rippling , but at three weeks after surgery, it starts to show. I have silicone, dual plane (unders), high profile Allergan Inspira implants. Did put 485 cc.Had a small B cup initially. They are textured (my surgeon thinks that they are a better shot at not getting CC). Where did it go wrong, and could it still get better? If not , what would be a possible solution? Thanks a lot , C

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Rippling with submuscular implants 3 weeks post-op.

I'm sorry to hear that you are beginning to note some rippling, especially at this early (3 weeks post-op) point in your recovery. It sounds as if you had careful and precise surgery since your swelling has settled relatively rapidly enough to already have softening of the overlying tissues, and now beginning to show some of the implant ripples. It also sounds as if you are relatively thin with little tissue coverage at the inner, lower, and perhaps lateral "edges" of your implants. This is nobody's "fault" but is simply a set of anatomic facts unique to you!

There may be no way to eliminate visible or palpable ripples, but I would not use textured implants below the muscle. This has been discussed on this site many times (do a search for related questions), and the majority of experienced breast surgeons use textured implants only above the muscle. Textured implants "adhere" to the tissues, do not move as naturally as "normal" breast tissue does with larger breasts, and can be positional (which is a problem with shaped or anatomic textured implants). Even if round textured implants were used and shape or positioning is not a problem, the thicker implant shell may contribute to the visibility or palpability of ripples.

The best advice I could give you is to be patient, for there will be changes over the next several months. I'd not consider any re-operation for at least 6 months. If there is still an issue, and depending on whether it improves (not enough) or worsens (hopefully not), any advice given may change. If your surgeon is giving you advice that makes sense and resonates with your own wishes, then please listen to your surgeon--you chose him or her in the first place. If not, then seek consultation with several ABPS-certified plastic surgeons with lots of breast experience and figure out your options. Best wishes!

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