Rippling with Textured Saline Breast Implants?

I have textured moderate profile Saline implants placed under the muscle overfilled by 25cc and just 3 weeks after surgery starting seeing rippling in the right one. Now the left as that swelling has gone down. I had the surgery a month ago.

Is this normal when dropping into the pocket or will this only get worse? Would I need a revision and am I not a candidate for saline then? I now know textured are more prone to rippling and if I was a AA prior to surgery why wouldn't he use smooth?

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Side effects with all implants

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Much of your challenges with implants is because of the AA size breasts. This obviously implies a relative paucity of breast tissue. All implants have imperfections and these are more evident the more the implants comprise a higher percentage of your final breast. This includes the rippling problem, asymmetries in position and shape, unnatural appearance and movement, excessive roundness, etc. You are best off trying to decide what imperfection you are willing to accept. Otherwise, you will caught in trying to chase the imperfections by trading one side effect for another. The smaller the implant, the less chance of imperfections.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

More ripples in a thinner woamn

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The textured implant sheel itself it thicker and by design is meant to grow into adherence with your tissues. This leads to ripples in the implant translating more readily to visible ripples. One of the postulated benefits of textured implants is to decrease the risk of capsular contracture but in my opinion in the sub-muscular implant, (and probably the sub-glandular) it doesn't make a difference. You will get different opinions from different plastic surgeons about this but I use smooth implants almost 100% of the time. Do remember though that rippling can be seen in smooth, textured, silicone or saline implants in a thin woman with minimal breast coverage. Take care.

Dr Edwards

Texturing causes more ripples and wrinkles

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Textured saline implants have more wrinkles because your body is supposed to heal stuck to them like Velcro. Therefore, as they wrinkle, your skin follows and shows more ripples than in the case of smooth walled saline implants.

If you already have wrinkles, you will only see more over the next 3-4 months as all swelling goes away. You might want to change to gel implants sooner than later.

You may want to consider high profile saline or moderate plus silicone.

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There are differing opinions as to the benefits of textured implants. Surgeons use these to achieve a variety of goals. Therefore, it is very difficult to guess why your surgeons chose the use of these.

You may want to discuss conversion of the textured moderate to a smooth high profile. In general, the higher the profile, the lower the risk of rippling. Lastly, you may want to consider silicone implants

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