Is it rippling or Mindoro cord? Will it smooth out or is this it? 3.5 months postop. (photos)

3.5mo PO textured anatomical I noticed that if I run my finger along my outer breast there is a rippling feel. You can see about an inch of rippling on the outer breast (left only) if i move my arms in certain ways. I had the Jackson Pratt drains and the left drain (I didn't have reconstruction, but had drains to minimize rotation. The left was a bit irritated and there is a noticeable raised scar on that side, whereas the right side is all healed up. Could it be from that scar pulling the skin?

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I can't see the rippling you are describing (at least not in these photos).  Your results look great.  You should see your PS.  Rippling can be normal.

You can usually feel the implant after breast augmentation

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All implants are palpable after surgery.  Saline or silicone implants, it doesn't matter, will have some degree of palpability.  Silicone tends to feel more natural, but that doesn't mean that you won't be able to feel it.  The pictures look like everything is fine.  However, if the fact that you can feel the implant bothers you discuss it with your plastic surgeon.  Chances are though there isn't anything to do about it and what you're feeling is normal. 

Rippling following breast augmentation

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Based upon your photographs, you have a very nice result.  There are several possible reasons for the ripple that you are seeing / feeling; I would recommend that you contact your plastic surgeon, who will be able to tell you the reason in your case.
For general information,  Mondor's disease is inflammation of a superficial vein in the breast.  The cord may be tender, and it may be more visible when the arm is raised and the skin on the breast is stretched.
Best wishes.

Post Op Results BA

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Based on the pictures, everything looks good. Were the implants placed above the muscle?
Usually, ripples are felt laterally, towards the arm, or inferiorly, around the crease.

An exam is necessary to give advice about the scar.

Consult your surgeon.

Breast Enhancement Surgery

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Results look great, sound like you have a number of reasons for the rippling. There is always a position that a patient can feel the implant and that may just be you feeling your implant which is normal. Speak to your PS and see what they think.

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