Rippling with Implants After Reconstruction? (photo)

I had reco after a m with silicone implants. I have what I guess may be "rippling" in my left breast. I had an expander leak around 280 ccs and had to have it removed. When my PS removed that expander she also removed the alloderm from that side. Now on that side I have a protruding piece of implant sticking out close to my cleavage area and up close to my armpit. What should I do? I am only 2 weeks post op. Cant wear a swimsuit because its in the one visible part of my breast. What should I do?

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Rippling could be corrected with Alloderm

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Without knowing the specific circumstances that led your surgeon to remove the Alloderm, it is not possible to give specific advice but in general using something like Alloderm is the best way to correct rippling. Fat transfers may also be a good option in your case.

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Breast Reconstruction

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You need  to have a complete history and physical examination and review of all your previous medical records then we can give you a good opinion. In other words if you are not happy and getting no answers get a second opinion.


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