Possible Rippling or Other Breast Implant Problem?

I am 4 weeks post op on my breast augmentation. I had 350cc cohesive gel with over the muscle implants. I took my bra off in the evening as advised for the first time last night, and the inner part of my right breast feels slightly sore. Upon inspection, it feels as if I can feel the implant more on this side compared to the other. Is this rippling, an infection, or still settling? Should I not remove my bra at all for the next two weeks? Many thanks.

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Implants placed over the muscle

In order to prevent rippling or palpation with breast augmentation, I would recommend implants placed submuscularly using silicone gel implants. Usually after 1 month, the implants still need to settle down. Many patients choose to wear the bra for support a little longer. Signs of infection may include fevers, chills, redness, or abnormal swelling.

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Discuss this with your plastic surgeon

Although most likely a normal healing process you should not have more tenderness now compared to a week ago, especially with implants over the muscle. Discuss your concerns with you plastic surgeon to make sure you are recovering properly. Your plastic surgeon should also be the one to give you instructions on garment wear because many of us have different ideas about that.

Dr Edwards

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Implant palpability

Breast implants are often palpable in the lower pole of the breast whether the implants are placed in a subpectoral or subglandular pocket.  The discomfort you are feeling is probably normal, but I would check with your doctor to be sure.  He may want to examine you in person to determine the cause.

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