Ripple Effect in my Under the Muscle, Silicone Natrelle Implant?

I had my op nearly 6 weeks ago, ive kept my sports bra on and done everything that was asked by the doc. Ive just felt my breast and noticed i can feel ripples in the centre part of my cleavage. It is in both, but more so in my right breast. Is this permanent and will it get worse?

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Probably Permanent

Unfortunately, by this time palpable or visible ripples are probably permanent and may worsen as you age. Please see your surgeon if you'd like to have this addressed.

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Palpability and rippling are two different things. If you see ripples it may get worse and suggest that you are very thin.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast implant ripples visible in the cleavage area

I am guessing that you are a thin individual with minimal breast tissue in the cleavage area. Placing the implants under the muscle requires release in the area you describe. In particularly thin individuals the implants can be visible and ripples can be more noticeable in certain positions such as bending over or with muscle contraction. This is unlikely to improve with time

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Implant Rippling

ALL breast implants ripple and pleat. This is worst when you are upright and leaning forward. For this reason, we put as much soft tissues (breast gland, muscle) on top of the implant to HIDE the rippling. Unfortunately, if you are feeling the rippling now, that will not get better and in fact may get worse as you age and your breast tissue thins revealing more of the implant.

If this bothers you greatly, the only other option is to perform a revision procedure in which a sheet of Alloderm or Strattice in sewn from the muscle edge to the fold of the breast to add additional cover on top of the implant as well as to hold the implant and stop its downward sagging.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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