I Ripped my Scab off 1 Week After my Ear Otoplasty Surgery is This Gonna Be a Problem?

I Ripped my Scab off 1 Week After my Ear Otoplasty Surgery is This Gonna Be a Problem?

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Otoplaty scabbed ripped off will there be any problem - there could

It really depends on where the scab was located. Most likely it is the incision in the back of the ear. If this is the case you will likely not have any sequelae after the procedure. Generally, you don't want to tear off any scabbing as this will lead to more scarring. With the incision you want to clear the scabbing on a regular basis sometimes every 2-3 hours worth of gentle cleaning.

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Scab after otoplasty

As long as the outer layer of the underlying perichondrium is intact and kept moist, you will be ok. The only way it could be a problem is if the underlying cartilage dries out.

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Otoplasty Healing?

Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, without direct examination is not possible to give you good advice or any real reassurance. Follow-up with your plastic surgeon will be important for direct examination and treatment.

Be very careful about avoiding any further manipulation and/or trauma to the area.

Best wishes for an otherwise and eventful recovery.

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