Ripped Disc on L4 - Will This Delay Surgery?

I am supposed to have an Extended Tummy tuck, Spiral Lift/w lipo and Outer Thigh lift on AUG. 4th~ I just ripped my Disc on L4 on my lower back would surgery still be safe to have in 10 days! OR will I lose my 20% NON-Refundable downpayment???? Please I need your MEDICAL ADVISE ASAP!! PLESAE!! I had my first epidural cortisone injection thursday and will have another this thursday~ it's usually every two weeks but my doctor is trying to get me healed~

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Herniated lumbar disc needs to be adddressed before elective surgery

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I strongly suggest you consider rescheduling your surgery to prevent any further worsening of your spinal injury before undergoing your tummy tuck surgery. You should have your spine surgeon speak directly with your plastic surgeon.

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Spine Injury and Tummy Tuck Surgery?

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Thank you for the question.

There are many reasons why you should be “optimize” physically and emotionally prior to undergoing major elective plastic surgery. Communicate with your plastic surgeon about your injury;  it may very well be that he/she will advise you to postpone the planned procedure.

Best wishes with their spine injury and the planned plastic surgical procedures.

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