I'm experience strange pains in my right breast, 4 months post op. Is this normal?

Hello, surgery date was 3/4/16, left 485cc Silicone, RT 525cc. having intermittent pain in my RT side. shooting, sore to push on or massage but sometimes not. Pain moves around and has been on and off for a couple weeks. It started when I had a sinus infection, I was on augmentin for 10 days and the pain seemed to stop, I finished the antibiotics yesterday and the pain seems worse but there is no heat, no redness, no swelling, no fever, no redness. Nipples are sensitive too. Should I be worried?

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Possible infection after breast augmentation

It is not uncommon for patients to have discomfort for many months following surgery. However the fact that you had relief from your pain while on antibiotics and recurrence when you stopped should not be ignored. Although infections are extremely rare this late after surgery you should inform your surgeon regarding your symptoms and condition. This would be worthy of further discussion and evaluation. 

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Pain behind the nipple can certainly be normal

I'm gonna steal this answer from another similar question I answered a few days ago for a lady having similar pains.

Having pain in the nipples after breast augmentation can certainly be normal. The nerve that goes from the ribcage up to your nipple is stretched at the time of the augmentation which can give sensations to the nipple such as pain, numbness, tingling, hot or cold, or a sensation of rough skin. It can be constant, or sporadic. Laying on your stomach, and perhaps on your breasts, you likely pressed on the implant which in turn stretched the nerve some more. I always give patients reassurance that these sensations will go away and the fact that they have these sensations, albeit uncomfortable for a while, means the nerve was not cut and they should expect normal sensation in time.

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