How can I get rid of under eyes bags? (photos)

I'm 17 and i been having yes bag under my eyes puffy not dark since i was 14 or 13. I have tried Garnier anti-puffy that contains caffeine, TCA , and glycolic chemical peel. I don't what to do, is there a cream or something I can do other than surgery ?

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Malar Crescent/Ligament

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Hi Junier,

Malar (cheek) crescents are a lesser from of malar festoons.  It appears to be a small crescent on the tops of the cheeks with a groove beneath it.  If the malar (cheek) ligament/groove were not indenting the skin, the cheek would appear to be a single unit without any shadows.  The malar ligament below the malar crescent can make the crescent appear puffy, but it may also be more that the groove is making it look puffy.  

Since you are so young, I'm not sure what I would recommend.  For my older patient who have a more severe form of your same problem, I will ask for younger photos of themselves to see if it was there all along.  If it was not, I feel confident that I can use injectable fillers deep under the indentation to pop them out.  I have tried injecting the fillers right under the indentations like I do for smile lines, but filler can be felt on the surface of the skin and the indentations are still there.  Using the deeper filling technique, I have had better success in popping out the malar ligament.  By doing this, the malar crescent puffiness appears to blend in with the rest of the cheek.

I don't have experience with performing and extended lower eyelid surgery for malar crescent/festoons, so I will not make any comments good or bad about it.


Dr. Yang

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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No surgery

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I understand that you have a puffy eyelid problem and it maybe a cause for undue anxiety for you. That said it is better for you to undergo non operative means for addressing this problem as you are too young to undergo any form of surgery. The re plenty of methods to address this problem in the initial stages. Best of luck in your search! 

Biraj Panchal, MBBS, MS, MCh
India Plastic Surgeon

Malar Festoons

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The problem you are referring to is 'Malar Festoons'. These are bags under eyes that look prominent because of a depression under the bags at the cheek level. If you look closely the depression is a continuation of the 'Tear Trough'. 
The best way to fix it is an extended lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Less than that the only improvement will be with fillers in the depression and also augmenting the cheek bones as they will pull the skin upwards and backwards. 
Dr. J
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