Any suggestion on Breast augmentation? I'm 5' 3", bust 32", waist 27", hips 33". I weigh about 115 and am athletic built.(photo)

I just want to know what size breast would look full but natural an a girl of my frame. I am not looking for huge overly perky breast but ones that look full and natural. I am athletic and very active and I have am afraid of going too large and my breast being in the way, but also want to make sure that they I don't go too small as well and not achieve that fullness that I am looking for. Thank you for your help. Here are some recent pictures.

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Shaped implants helpful when breast is wider than it is tall

Thank you for your question and for providing the photographs.  I see you know all the photographic views plastic surgeons use!  You are thinking very clearly and have realistic goals and expectations.  Just the kind of patient that we all love to meet.  Of course you need to be examined in person and an important part of your visit is taking your measurements.  In order to look natural, it is a question of proportion, shape of the breast and overall volume.  One key to having a proportional result which balances your lower body, is to have the right size width of the implant.  It appears your breast width is more than the height of your breast.  This is VERY important.  If you use a round implant in this situation, the height of the implant can be taller than the height of your natural breast and this can lead to an unnatural result.  So in cases such as yours, I often use a tear drop shaped implant.  These implants come in many dimensions, including ones where the width is more than the height.  They are available in many, many volumes and projections.  Shaped implants have other advantages as well.  I would guess you would be happy with a full B but that can be determined during your office visit.    Hope this helps and good luck.

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Any suggestion on Breast augmentation? I'm 5' 3", bust 32", waist 27", hips 33". I weigh about 115 and am athletic built.(photo)

I would suggest that you have a frank conversation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Most often, your implant size is determined by the base diameter of your breast pocket as well as your personal preference. I would agree with you and If you wish to maintain an athletic lifestyle, it is best to have a cup size that ultimately is a medium C or a small C. This is best determined by your selection of a picture of someone who is similar in stature to yourself and presenting it to your plastic surgeon. This makes you commit to a certain size and look and clearly communicates your aesthetic desires to your plastic surgeon. I wish you the best.

Thomas McFadden, MD
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Breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.  The best advice is to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.  During your consultation you will be able to discuss with your surgeon the goal look you are trying to achieve.  If possible, bring goal photos with you and ask to utilize sizer implants o that you can better visualize which sized implant will best help you achieve your goal look.  Together with your surgeon you can then create the surgical plan that best helps you achieve that goal.
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Breast augmentation options

Dear Ryleegirl,Options for breast augmentation in 2016 are vast.  We have hundreds of sizes and shapes of breast implants to accurately match your body characteristics, situation and goals.  Consultation with an American Board of Plastic Surgery board certified plastic surgeon in your area can help you design a plan and identify a breast implant that is just right for you.  Good luck!

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Brest augmentation

Thank you for your question. During a consultation I like to find out your goals (i.e. What cup size you would like to be).  It is important to measure the width of your breast to determine which implant you need . There are four different profiles of implants. They are moderate, moderate classic, high and ultra high.  I use the bloodless technique which I invented. Bleeding is minimal typically there is no bruising after surgery and recovery is a lot quicker versus traditional technique.

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Breast implant choice

An in-person exam is critical to determine what implants would be right for you. The exam and a review of your goals is essential.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Any suggestion on Breast augmentation? I'm 5' 3", bust 32", waist 27", hips 33". I weigh about 115 and am athletic built.

This is always the question, what size? The answer is based on your breast dimensions and your desired post-op appearance. For a full and natural look, and not having the advantage of a physical exam, I would suggest starting with a moderate profile silicone implant in the 300cc range. Of course, you can go larger or smaller from there. I would also suggest trying on the implants to get a visualization of your post-op appearance. Good luck!

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Breast augmentation

Hello and thank you for your question. Based on your photograph, you are a great candidate for a breast augmentation.  Selecting an implant size depends on your individual anatomy and breast measurements.  The best way to do this is with an in-person consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. The most important aspect is to find a surgeon you are comfortable with. I recommend that you seek consultation with a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate you in person.

Best wishes and good luck.

Richard G. Reish, M.D.
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Breast implant size

What is difficult about your question is that everyone has a different idea of what "natural" means.  For my more athletic patients such as trainers for example, I like to start off sizing in the 275- 300 cc range with silicone implants. This would put you at a small C cup but still give you fullness and good shape. In addition to doing in office sizing with implants and 3D imaging, I do keep an album for reference that patients can look at and see what the actual implant sizes are in my post op patients. If they like an outcome and have a similar pre- op appearance, that often makes the final implant decision easier to make. Please see a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation and good luck with your search. Instagram: @mesbahimd

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A breast augmentation with a 275-300 cc moderate profile device in the subglandular plane would result in a natural look for you.  When you try implants at your plastic surgeon's office, decide whether this is enough volume.  You can go larger but may need to choose a higher profile device so the implants are not too wide for you.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

John Michael Thomassen, MD
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