Right Side High and Bubble Felt at Corner of Incision?

I am 2 weeks out Submuscular silicone implants. Left side has dropped and is fine. The right side is high still. And at the lateral corner of my incision the implant edge is palpable and "pops" in and out to touch. The outside margin of the breast seems straighter also than the left. Very worried about feeling that implant pop in and out. Is it something that will correct when that side drops??

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Right Side high after BA?

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I would tell you that you are very early in your recovery and your results. Follow up with your PS and follow his recs, he will probably recommend Massaging the implant to allow it to fall and smooth the wrinkle.

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Popping bubble near incision after breast augmentation

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The popping is actually a fold or ripple in the silicone gel breast implant as the pocket is smaller than the implant diameter. All can relax and settle in over time, though you might wish to discuss with your surgeon massage on the side with the bump to encourage the implant to settle in and smooth out.

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Post Augmentation Complication?

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It is difficult to give an accurate opinion without the aid of pictures and/or an in-person evaluation. You are very early on in your healing. The tissues are inflamed and actively scarring. During the next 3 to 6 months the swelling and the scarring process will begin to subside and the soft tissue pocket relaxes and accommodates, allowing the implants to fall into their desired position. It is important to know that this process may not occur at the same rate in both breasts.

I would recommend that you continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon, as only through an in-person exam can your concern about the implant be addressed. I hope this helps.

Good luck.

Right Side High and Bubble Felt at Corner of Incision

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Hard to give reassurance without at least looking at a photo. This is certainly an appropriate question to ask your surgeon who knows exactly what was done and who can examine the area in question. 

As the pectoralis muscle relaxes over the next 3 months or so, the compression of the implant should decrease, and any asymmetry you see and/or feel is likely to diminish. It is common for the implant on the "handed" side to be the higher one early on.

Follow up with your surgeon.

Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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