Right Nostril Looks So Weird and Nose Look Shapeless

Dear doctors, thank you very much for answering my 1st question, it was very helpful. But I need your help again. Now I am 8 weeks post rhinoplasty and noticing something weird going on with my right nostril. It hangs down too low (sorry my English, I am not American) and it is very noticeable when you look straight in my face. Over all my bridge also looks shapeless, especially right side. I asked my surgeon about this but he spent about 3 minuets with me told me that it is all normal...?

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Nostril asymmetry

I think your nostril issue is related to the incision on the inside of the nose. This will usually resolve over time and is often because the areas around any incision, especially in the nose, heal slowly. As for the bridge, it is still early and I would give this time. 8 weeks is minimal on post-rhinoplasty recovery especially if it was an open rhino. 

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8 weeks post-op

Swelling of the nose in the first few months can mask some of the features of the nose that will become apparent when the swelling subsides

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