Right Implant Still High 12 Weeks After BL/BA? (photo)

I had BL/BA 12 weeks ago - 250cc silicone under the muscle. Left dropping nicely and both breasts getting softer. Right is being stubborn. I'm massaging aggressively but not helping much. When I massage downward, the implant seems to "pop" up into the upper pole. Do I need to be patient? The scarring is better than I thought it would be and the left seems great...just a little concerned with the right.

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Right Implant Still High 12 Weeks After BL/BA?

Compare the before vs the afters and you will see you had asymmetry to shape, N/A location, and volume!!! Thus implants magnify these differences. Best to discuss with your surgeon.//

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Right breast implant still higher than left.

Thanks so much for your question. I agree with everything that you see at this point. However, I would also say that even though your breasts are not completely symmetric, neither breast is in a bad position, they are just in different positions at this point. Number one, I would say to be patient and give things more time. You risk having possible capsular contracture if you re-operate prior to your body having sufficient time for healing so don't be hasty to do anything at this point. I would agree that you should keep "stretching the implant in a downward position". Hope this helps.

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High implant

I agree with the PS from Toronto - be patient but is the implant does not come down over time you may need a revision otherwis your result looks great

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Breast Augment

I agree your scars look amazing. Your chest wall anatomy may be different but if that implant does not come down in a few weeks ask your PS, you may need the muscle released more

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