Right eyelid always looks puffy/swollen? (photo)

My right eyelid always looks puffy or swollen. I have no itching in the eye so I don't think it's allergies. Is it just excessive skin in my eyelid?

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Right eyelid ptosis making eye appear swollen

You appear to have right upper eyelid ptosis (droopy), which gives illusion of eyelid puffiness/swelling. However, there could also be true swelling present, which is difficult to tell from the 2D photo. See an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation.

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Asymmetric eyelids Asian eyelids

in your case this puffiness that he see may be related to ptosis. I can't say for sure without a physical exam but based on these photographs I have suspicion that that is your problem. get an evaluation with a good ophthalmologist first to verify that this is not a medically related issue before jumping ahead into surgery. Also you should see a very experienced oculoplastic surgeon or a facial plastic surgeon who is well versed in Asian eyelid surgery.

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Your photos are consistent with right upper eyelid ptosis.

The puffiness is also related to the ptosis. Depending on how long you have been experiencing this, you might benefit from an anchor blepharoplasty to match the right upper eyelid to the appearance of the left upper eyelid. A careful assessment is needed to be certain that you do not have latent ptosis on the left side. If this is found, then generally we will also recommend repairing both sides at the same time. If the onset of the ptosis is relatively recent, a period of observation is warranted and occasionally additional assessment may be beneficial under those circumstances.

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Puffiness in one upper eyelid.

What you have is a different insertion of the muscle that elevates the left eyelid versus the right. This can be corrected by removing a small amount of skin or

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