Right Ear Different to the Left After Otoplasty...revision Surgery? (photo)

Hi My right ear is not symmetrical to the left ear and after 2 years of doing the otoplasty, I want to fix it so as to be symmetrical to my left ear. I am also doing Jiu-jitsu and I want to know the following: 1. Is this going to be an easy revision operation, since the only thing as shown in the picture, that needs to be done is moving the upper ear a little bit back? 2. Will my right ear weaken more after revision or it will be as strong as the left ear? (Jiu-jitsu and skydiving as before??)

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Asymmetric ears after otoplasty

Georgie, you are right, the top of the right ear is slightly asymmetric as compared to the left side.  This type of revision procedure is usually more straightforward than the original otoplasty.  Most likely, an upper part of the incision behind your ear needs to be reopened, and an additional setback suture to be placed. This will still require a similar postoperative care to what you had to do after the original surgery - i would recommend avoiding any contact sports at least 6 weeks till after the surgery to avoid any ear trauma.  Once everything is healed, your right ear will be as strong as the left one.

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Ears of an Urban Warrior.

After two years the ear will have a definitive result.  Revision surgery would be indicated for any asymmetry.  The exact approach and technique will be surgeon dependent.  They will evaluate your goals.  I am very familiar with this discipline of martial arts and I think you will be able to train because of the unlikely trauma to the ears.  Protect yourself with appropriate head gear when necessary.   

"Dr. D"

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Ear Asymmetry after Otoplasty?

Thank you for the question and picture. Generally the type of revisionary surgery you are contemplating is less involved and associated with less of a recovery time than the initial otoplasty surgery is. However, you will still need to be careful about contact sports and/or trauma to the year for several months after the revisionary surgery. Eventually, the ears will be equally “strong” and you will be able to resume all of your activities.

Keep in mind that the ears may never be absolutely symmetrical.

Best wishes.

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Revisional Otoplasty

Correction of right ear asymmetry can be done with a simple revisional otoplasty. It would require opening only the upper half of your ear incision and placing an additional suture or two. Expect improvement but absolute perfection is unlikely as no two ears are perfectly symmetric. You have to realize that if you traumatize that ear in the first few months after surgery you are going to cause a relapse of position. So choose your physical activity wisely in the early healing period.

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Ear protection is key after otoplasty.  There are several different type of otoplasty approaches that will be discussed with you as you pursue your worthy goal.

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