Right Breast Swollen 3 Months Post Op?

On May 6th I had my right breast implant replaced due to rupture. It is a 500cc saline/silicone implant with expander port. It is submuscular. The previous implant had ruptured and it had caused internal damage that the surgeon had to internally fix. I have had no issues until this week when it has felt more swollen by my armpit, Is this normal settling/ dropping? Or is there likely to be a more serious issue? Please help

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Post Op Breast Swelling

Delayed onset swelling after breast augmentation merits a follow-up with your surgeon for an direct examination.  Only with a personal exam will you be able to get an accurate diagnosis and recommendation.  Best wishes!

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Right Breast Swollen 3 Months Post Op?

If it is a sudden change it merits early evaluation by your surgeon as in this week. I would hesitate to guess what this is and if it is normal without at least some photos, but at any rate your surgeon will be in a much better position to evaluate the current situation. If you could attach a photo, you are more likely to get a useful response from this site.

Thanks and best wishes.

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