Why Right Breast Would Be Lower Than Left and Left Feels More Firm and Sore Sometimes but Able to Move?

I am a small framed person who started out with no chest at all literally i am a work out gooroo , got my breast implants natrelle silicone 400cc jan 2012.dr said had a little problem with the left with bleeding and was wrapped extra tight , but had no problems til now just a few days ago i noticed that my left one was a little sore i always do compressions every day looked in mirror and seen that right was lower than left . I do work out and it feels like they do after a good workout but its not that.

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One Breast is Firmer and Higher after Breast Augmentation

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    If one breast becomes firmer and higher after breast augmentation at one year, this could indicate capsular contracture. 

One Breast more Firm and Sore after Breast Augmentation?

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I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you have had recently. Based on your description, it may be that you are dealing with the onset of breast implant encapsulation. Your plastic surgeon will be your best resource;  direct examination will be necessary to make a diagnosis and offer you a treatment plan.

 Best wishes.

Uneven Breast Implants

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Uneven appearance in the breasts  (breast asymmetry) after implants can occur early or late in the post-op period due to a number of factors:

  • Based on your information, you may be developing a capsular contracture on the left. This will make the left breast (implant) look higher and feel firmer compared to the right.
  • See your PS for a specific diagnosis.

Thanks for your question andf good luck!

Stephen M. Lazarus, MD
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

Breast issues

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Wihtout an exam , it is difficult to tell you what could be the possible reasons for your issue and the possible solutions. that can help.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Soreness and Asymmetry 11 months after breast augmentation

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Without photos or a proper exam, it is difficult to determine the cause of the your implant position asymmetry and soreness in the left breast. If the left breast/implant feels firmer than the right, the combination of soreness and elevation of the left implant may be an indicator of capsular contracture. I recommend that you follow up with your plastic surgeon to determine the exact cause of your problems. Hope this helps!

Thanks for your question. Best wishes!

Gregory Park, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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