Will my breasts be a little bit bigger 3 months post augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation on 02/11/2016. I got round silicone implants 320cc under the muscle and now my breast size is 36C. But now i think that i needed to choose bigger size. I know that it is only 3 weeks post augumentation and the final result will be after 3-6months. And that`s why i`m curious- will my breast pockets and tishues stretch after those 3 months and my breasts will look a little bit bigger?

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Will my breasts be a little bit bigger 3 months post augmentation?

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Your breasts will look fuller and more natural when the implants drop. This can take 3-4 months. Ask your surgeon about breast implant displacement exercises.

Breast Size Too Small?

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No one, not even you, can know what size breasts they are going to be happy with until they have lived with them for 3-6 months. Generally speaking as the swelling comes down they will look smaller to you. As the muscle and skin stretch over the next few months the implant will settle into the bottom part of your breast filling it out, but also decreasing the volume in the upper part of your breast. When you look down atyourself,your perception may be that they are smaller when in fact they are the same size, just a different (more natural) shape. Try looking at your breasts in a mirro and you will see the changes. It is true that around 3 months patients often come in and say they wish they had gone "one size" larger not realinzing that one size is not that much and not worth going back to surgery for. If at six months you are truly unhappy with the size; consider bigger implants. I twll my patients they should go at least 75 cc or more larger to see a real difference. In the =meantime, just be patient. 

Lori H. Saltz, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Three Months For Final Result

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It takes at least three months post breast augmentation to see the final results, so just be patient.  They will fill out more in the bottom of the breast as time goes on ( some patients call it dropping and fluffing).  Just be patient and see where you are in a couple of months.  Over 95% of women all think they could have gone a little larger when they are all healed, but most are still very happy with their results.  I hope this helps.


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I doubt that the implants will look bigger but they may look different when they descend into the pocket.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Will my breasts be a little bit bigger 3 months post augmentation?

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I'm sorry to hear about the concerns you are experiencing after breast surgery.

You should be aware that a significant percentage of patients at the early stages of recovery will feel that they are too big or (more commonly) too small. I routinely ask my patients to wait at least 3-6 months before evaluating the end results of the breast augmentation surgery. This waiting time allows patients to (usually) physically and psychologically adapt to the new body image. 


For example, many of my patients report that as the swelling around the breast implants (for example, in the sternal area) decreases, they feel that their breasts appear more projecting. Also, in my opinion, the "drop and fluff” phenomenon does hold some validity; as breast implants “settle”, many patients feel that their breasts actually look larger. 

Although online consultants cannot predict whether or not you will be pleased with the long-term outlook, of the procedure performed, it is safe to predict that the breasts will change. Do your best to stay emotionally even keeled.

 Best wishes.

Concerns over chosen implant size

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Thank you for your question.

Generally, the breasts may look larger initially because of the swelling in the breasts which subsides in 1-2 months. At the same time, implant initially ride high, and only after they 'drop and fluff', do the breasts appear slightly different in size. This happens because once the implants drop in the 45:55 upper to lower pole ratio, the implant will now be adding to the projection of the breast tissue making the breast look slightly larger in proportion.

Please know that while you may currently regret not having chosen a larger implant, there is no way of saying what complications you would had to face if you had gone larger. This is why you should focus more on whether or not the implant looks good aesthetically and whether or not it feels comfortable in your chosen bra. Remember, the implant has to fit your body dimensions, and the more you deviate from the proper fit, the more fake your breasts look in addition to causing numerous problems such as bottoming out, hypersensitivity in the breasts, accelerated sagging and breast tissue wasting, and visible and palpable rippling.

Nevertheless, please share your concerns with your surgeon, and be sure to continue follow-up with them on a regular basis to ensure your breasts are healing beautifully without complications.

Hope this helps.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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