Flushing, numbness and tingling started suddenly, two days after Botox for migraines. (photo)

I had Botox injections in my forehead and temples and the back of my neck/shoulders for migraines (also had my crows feet done while I was there). Every thing went great, no pain afterwards, no bruising etc. it's been just over 48 hours & a few hours ago I started to feel really flushed and my face is red and hot to the touch from the tops of my cheeks down (not in any of the areas where I got Botox) and feels tight and kind of tingly, my neck's stiff and I'm running a low fever (100.9). Normal?

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Flushed cheeks

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this sounds a bit strange. i have never seen this kind of reaction to Botox. the possibilities are that you have developed a skin infection from the injection (very unlikely) or you have come down with a viral illness coincidentally. with the neck stiffness, it may be wise to check with your family doctor to rule out meningitis.

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