Ridge Under the Bottom of my Breast? (photo)

i am 3 mths out with a textured implant anatomical 425 cc i have a ridge under one my breast crease th dr says he can release the ridge and take out the scar tissue and it will round out at the bottom . one breast looks good the nibble is pointing outwarde but the one with the ridge the nibble is kind of downward. so he says he can release the ridge or do the donut lift or leave it alone . If he releases will the scar tissue return?

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Ridge Under the Bottom of my Breast?

That is the classic "double bubble" effect of the pect. muscle and the relationship to the infra mammary crease. 

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Double Bubble


Your doctor wont solve your problem by 'removing' scar tissue. If a capsulectomy was performed, the ridge would be more prominent.  This is a double bubble, and represents the implant sitting below the important cover of your breast tissue.  In order to fix this problem would require sewing the bottom of the scar capsule closed, preventing the implant from sitting so low.  However, this would make your other problem worse: you have sagging of your breast and nipple.  

Unfortunately, you really weren't an ideal candidate for breast augmentation alone, and in fact were a better candidate for augmentation and breast lift.  If you pursue any revision surgery, you will not be able to escape this fact.

Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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There should be one ideal solution

Hello, Thank you for your question. It may be that the lower portion of your implant in the breast with the ridge may be lower than your previous breast fold. When this occurs a double bubble or ridge may be seen. There will be an ideal correction. If for example the implant seems a little high on the chest the fold can be released fixing both problems. If the implant is in an ideal position or a little low it would be better to suture the bottom of the implant pocket. All the best Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
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Double bubble

Based on your second photo, it seems that you have a double bubble.  This occurs when the implant is positioned below your infra-mammary crease.  The implant needs to be repositioned; and the crease/fold needs to be re-established.

Sugene Kim, MD, FACS
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Double Bubble and Nipple Orientation

There appear to be a couple of key components to the problems you see:

  • Implant position
  • Drape of the breast around the implant


Implant position relative to the breast implant is a very important relationship, particularly with textured implants. Implant position impacts the "ridge" you see and influences the nipple orientation (pointing up or down), as well as upper pole fullness.

Sometimes we need to do some surgical draping of the breast to conform well to the implant so the contours are more harmonious.

While your surgeon may be using "scar release" as a simpler term to describe the two above mentioned issues which must be addressed.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
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Double bubble?

Your photos make it hard to tell but what it looks like is that your implant is below your natural infers mammary crease and that it is indenting the lower pole.  This is called a double bubble and isn't scar tissue. Better photos will help and ask your doctor about this.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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