Smaller woman wanting BBL (Photo)

Hello, I recently had a consultation with a plastic surgeon. I'm 5' 2" and weight 124-125 pounds. I have a PANCAKE butt. He told me honestly that he believes he can take 1000cc from me, meaning 500cc in each cheek, MAYBE more. Considering I am a smaller, thinner woman, he said the results would be noticeable. I do not expect a Kim K butt, but I am worried that it may not be enough. In your experiences, is this enough to make a noticeable difference? I do not want to waste 10 grand :( Just nervous!

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Smaller woman wanting BBL

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. I always recommend patients to get their consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, since you didnt provide any pictures, you should know that small girls not always looks good with too big bbl, take that into consideration before making the final decision, you must be a beautiful tiny doll right now, im sure of that!

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Thanks for sharing your question. 

I recommend you to send your photos to us to give you a more precise advice of what you should perform. 

Kind regards

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Smaller woman wanting BBL

It has been my experience that 500cc per buttock is a noticeable results in a petite patient. If you post some photos on here we can better give you advice.

Erika Sato, MD, FACS
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Thank you for your question.

I would recommend scheduling a couple consultations so you can get a few opinions from different board certified plastic surgeons. If you have little body fat, you may be a better candidate for buttock implants. For patients who have little body fat I recommend using buttock implants using the XYZ technique which is intramuscular. This would be the best option for you if you do not have enough body fat to harvest for a Brazilian butt lift. Just because the surgeon believes they can harvest 1000ccs of fat doesn’t mean that you are going to get 500ccs in each buttock after the fat has been sterilized and purified and then the percentage of fat that generally will survive after 6 months is around 60-70%. Just some things to consider when making your decision. Best of luck in your endeavors!

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It is hard to guide you without photos or an exam in person, but it sounds like you do have some fat that can be harvested and with that volume to each buttock, you will notice a big difference. I think you will be happy with a less "pancakey" butt. Good luck.

Erica Anderson, MD
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BBL candidate

Its hard to tell without seeing you in person.  Remember that BBL is a procedure that requires getting excess fat from your own body (usually the abdomen, love handles and back) through liposuction and re-injected back into your buttocks area.  I think the most important thing is to have realistic expectations and discuss these with your surgeon so you're both on the same page.  

Best of Luck!

Umeng David Thao, MD
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Some thin women are not a candidate for a BBL

It sounds like you may be too thin to get a good BBL result. Obviously, you would need an in-person consultation because some doctors are better at "finding" the fat than others. If the other doctor is correct, and he/she can get 1000cc out, that does not mean 1000cc back in! Some of that is liquid and some is bon-viable fat. When the fat is properly separated and drained, that 1000cc will likely only be 600cc. That means only 300cc per side. Also, remember that you may lose about 30-50% of that fat also!

Matthew Schulman, MD
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I would have to see you in person to get a "feel" for what fat might be harvested from your body to accomplish your goals. It is difficult to say just by your description. Best of luck

Steven Wallach, MD
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