Will a Ridge on Cheek After a Facelift Leave a Permanant Scar?

I am 5 weeks post op and I have a lump with a ridge under it as though the skin is sagging and I am concerned it is causing a deep wrinkle where the swelling is sagging. It is squishy soft, as though it is fluid filled. My doctor tried to aspirate the area but nothing could be aspirated. He then shot some Kenalog into it yesterday. The swelling is slightly down from yesterday, but it is still quite visible. Is more Kenalog in order to decrease the swelling?

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Facelift lump

Thanks for the photo, but it is difficult to say what is in the photo from the unusual angle.  The lump can be fluid, can be sutures, and can be fat necrosis. Hard to say without an exam.

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