How to Get Ride of Damage Skin After IPL Hair Removal?

I'm suffering from ingrown hair in my face.I did 5 sessions of(Nd-YAG)laser and after every session my face looks better but after a period of time The hair starts to regrow again with the same problem.I visited another doctor and she told me to use IPL instead of LASER.Then,the disaster begins. After 3 sessions of IPL my skin is red,hyper-pigmented and damaged.What should I do now? I still have ingrown hair in some areas!What is the best solution?IPL or Laser?And how to get ride of this redness

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Skin damage after IPL hair removal

Two questions to address:

1. IPL side effects.  Hyperpigmentation can be a side effect of IPL laser hair removal.  Redness can happen in the first several hours after treatment but then subsides, normally.  Even if redness happens from a burn, once a burn is healed the redness should subside.  So the question is whether there is something else that is causing the redness and hyperpigmentation such as an allergy to something you are applying, like a topical medication or rosacea or seborrhea or acne.  A number of different rashes can give you redness and hyperpigmentation.

2.  Why the ingrown hairs are happening.  Normally the ingrown hairs on the chin, neck and back of scalp happen if the hairs are shave too closely or plucked.  The sharp end of the hair left behind curls into and gets stuck in the skin, creating an inflammatory reaction.  Sometimes clipping the hair or using a special pseudofolliculitis razor may be helpful in controlling the ingrown hairs.

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