Is It Ok to Ride a 6.5hr Plane Ride After a 10day Recovery Stay for the Brazilianbuttlift?

Is It Ok to Ride a 6.5hr Plane Ride After a 10day Recovery Stay for the Brazilianbuttlift?

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Brazilian butt lift and traveling

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I typically recommend those patients who travel to stay at least 7 -10 days after the procedure.  This will be enough time to remove the drains that are necessary to avoid excessive fluid collections in your lower back. It is also important to follow up initially to evaluate for excessive fluid retention or infection among other things that can happen in the first few days after surgery.
During your flight, you need to have a pressure relieve cushion to avoid any excessive pressure on your buttocks that can kill the fat. Make sure that you walk and stretch your legs to avoid complications like blood clots.

Is it safe to fly after the Brazilian Butt Lift?

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This is a situation and question that I run into quite frequently.  Patients often want to fly across the country, have their surgery done, stay in town for a few days then fly back home.  This can lead to several concerns.  First concern would be about blood clots.  I'm not aware of any study to indicate when it is safe (or at least safer) to fly after having surgery.  Obviously, the longer after surgery, the better. 
My second concern would be for the viability of the transplanted fat.  I usually recommend 2 weeks of no sitting, so sitting for a 6.5 hour flight only ten days after surgery may kill more of your fat cells. 

Therefore, my recommendation is usually to stay in town longer.   If this is not an option, then flying to surgery and drive back home (once your surgeon tells you it's safe), laying in the car in an acceptable position and getting out and taking a walk every two hours is in my opinion a safer option.  

Brazilian Butt Lift

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That is quite a long time of constant pressure.  Talk with your surgeon and talk about this with them, and the viability risk.  If there is turbulence, and you are confined to the seat fort most of the trip, the pressure may have a negative impact.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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NO. long flight or any long travel just 10 days after major surgery is not safe . Risks increase for blood clots.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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