Best Way to Get Rid of This Acne Scarring? (photo)

I've been treated with accutane for 8 months at 40mg , and after the inital break out I've been left with this redness from acne. Is V-beam the best way to approch this ? I have deep acne scars from cystic acne(mostly rolling and boxcar,a little of ice pick too but it does not bother me) I know 100% can't be done but I was wondering with the right course of tratment ,how much % should I expect for severe scarring?Also I was wondering how does a person feel after achiving a good result in acne scarring?Does the insecurity,axiety goes away?Thank you.

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Redness and Accutane

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Much of the benefit from Accutane occurs after stopping the medicine. The oil glands return to normal function which takes away most redness. In the meantime you might use CereVe AM and CereVe PM lotion to speed up the healing.

Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon

Redness after Accutane

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I'm unsure if you mean you are still taking Accutane, or if you are finished with your regimen, so lasers aren't generally recommended until you are done. V-Beam or Laser Genesis are good to treat redness after Accutane. As well, a good skincare regimen and sunscreen are a necessity.

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