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i had lentigenes so i got a q switch laser done after 2 weeks i got brown spots on them may be due to sun exposure or its a hyperpigmention.

So what should i do please suggest as my marriage is after 20 days, my dermatologist say that they can go with the medlite laser, what are the post care for that.

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Post inflammatory pigmentation after Yag laser

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Looks like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation - a somewhat common side effect in darker skin types associated with the healing process of any inflammatory skin response (such as an injury, laser, etc.).                 Any sun exposure after laser or injury can cause this in susceptible persons.

The good news is it is rarely permanent, improves over time with sun avoidance and a prescription fading cream.  Your treating physician should be well versed in this and be able to prescribe such treatment.  

Clearing may take several weeks to months.  Avoid additional procedures to the area at least until cleared.


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Solar lentigines

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Any laser treatment of lentigines or hyperpigmentation carries the risk of post treatment hyperpigmentation particularly in darker complexions. I would not count on any treatment clearing up lentigines in 20 days.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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