How do I get rid of the lines and puffiness under my eyes? (photo)

How would I get rid of the puffiness under my eyes. I am a 24 year old male, get plenty of sleep, and have been icing my eyes but to no avail. The lines and puffiness make me look a lot older than I actually am. Is there anything other than surgery to help reduce or eliminate the puffiness and lines. Am willing to try anything at this point. Thanks

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Lower Eye puffiness

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Thanks for your question.

Based on your question and photos I believe there are a combination of factors causing the puffiness to your lower eyelids.  There seems to be some swelling in the cheeks which is often a sign of seasonal allergies, and antihistamine medications can help.  Additionally, there is the beginning of a groove between the lower lid and cheek junction often referred to as a tear trough deformity.  Early on some volume augmentation with a filler can improve this condition.  As it becomes more pronounced then surgery is more effective in restoring volume to the cheek and lower lid junction to blunt the transition and give a smoother and more pleasing transition to the lower eyelid.  An in person consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon should help you determine what is best for you.

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Under eye puffiness

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Your photo suggests several causes for your eye puffiness.

  1. cheek swelling from allergies, usually environmental
  2. that plus excess fat under the eye (lateral septal compartment),
  3. flat cheek bones,
  4. that plus sliding of cheek tissue off the cheek bones.

You need a face-to-face examination and history with a plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon.  

Injected fillers can be injected to improve conditions 3 and 4.

Cheek Creases Under Eyes

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Hi Charlie.  We don't think it's because the area under your eyes is puffy, rather the crease in your cheeks makes it seem that way.  We would want to use Radiesse, Perlane or Sculptra in the area of the cheeks where you see the indentation to smooth out the transition from the eye area to the cheek area (what we call the malar separation).  

We would probably reach for a 1.5 CC syringe of Radiesse for reach cheek.  The product would last about 9-12 months and should give you the nice smoothing effect you are looking for.  Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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