How to Get Rid of the Gas?

I am two weeks PO from a tt I feel great in the morning as on I start to feel pain and very.very gases I could hear hear the gas in my belly taking pepside and staying away.from gases foods yet still feel like crap help

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Gas crisis? You may have to walk

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Keep fully hydrated to improve you bowel motility, take product containing simethicone such as gasX, and walk a lot. Avoid air swallowing if you are belching. Good luck.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Gas after tummy tucks...

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As nothing was done inside of your tummy and assuming your medications are not causing any issues, the tummy tuck shouldn't be related to the development of gas and cramps.  If you continue to have issues (that could be discovered by a complete history), consider seeing your primary physician or gastroenterologist for an evaluation.

Its not unusual to feel more run down as the day goes on.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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