How to Get Rid of Syringiomas MOST Effectively? I've Tried Everything!

To begin with, I have tried using Retin-A creams, had 3 laser treatments (2 with Erbium lasers) and 1 with a C02 Fraxel laser, had a chemical peel and microderm. The Erbium laser worked the best, but after 2 treatments, I still had quite a few and now (less than a year later) it seems like I never did it to begin with! I have also had the under eye area filled with Artefill (twice)! I am desperate for a better solution!

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Sorry about your Syringomas....

One of the challenges in this internet age we live in is to MANAGE PATIENT EXPECTATIONS. Some patients expect that "if you can give it a name, then you should be able to cure it". Unfortunately this is not true. Syringomas are one of those times when patients hear you tell them the reason they keep getting these bumps on their faces (or elsewhere) they are very hopeful that NOW AT LAST they have met the doctor who will make them go away. Not.

They are too deep in the skin to remove without causing scarring that looks WORSE.

Sorry, but thats the way it is!

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