How can I get rid of stuffed nose 8 days post rhinoplasty?

Hello I am 8 days post my rhinoplasty and I have crusting contributing to the blockage of my nose. My doctor told me to remove all the crust by using spray for our next appointment which is in 2 days, but the crust isn't getting out! What should I do? How can I get rid of them?

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Stuffed nose after rhinoplasty

In my practice I would ask the patient to come in the office and I would personally clean it with q-tips and hydrogen peroxide. I do not like my patients cleaning their own nose or putting anything in their nose to clean it so I prefer to take care of that myself. On rare occasions a patient may have some dryness that will cause some crusting and then I also have them use a natural saline nose spray to help replenish the moisture. This would be done further out post op. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Congestion and crusted blood following surgery

There is both external and internal swelling following rhinoplasty. Additionally, there can be a build up of crust and old blood especially in the first week or so after surgery that causes congestion. Crusted blood in the nostrils can be softened and removed quite easily. Make a solution of half hydrogen peroxide with half saline and using a Q-tip moistened in this solution to dab onto the crusted blood. This will help to dissolve and remove the crusted blood.

Resolution of internal swelling will depend largely on what was done during rhinoplasty surgery both externally and internally - concomitant septal or turbinate or sinus surgery. Internal swelling and congestion typically improves a few weeks after surgery but can take up to 3 or 4 months to improve significantly. During this recovery period, saline nasal spray, or steroid nasal spray may be necessary to obtain temporary relief from symptoms until full recovery has occurred. You should discuss if this is required with your surgeon during your follow-up visits.

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