How Can I Get Rid off Smartlipo Bumps on my Upper Stomach I Had for Years

How Can I Get Rid off Smartlipo Bumps on my Upper Stomach I Had for Years

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Have them evaluated by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who offers Vaser.  This is a very good tool for treating lumps and revisions of smart lipo.

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Fixing bumps is always more difficult than performing the first SmartLipo procedure.

I agree with Dr. Patterson. First, go back to the surgeon who did the procedure and ask him/her what can be done about the bumps.  If you do not get some good answers from the surgeon who did the procedure, seek out the most experienced and most respected plastic or dermatological surgeon in your area who is an expert in working with SmartLipo and it's complications.  The lumps are likely localized residual fat or possibly dermal scars..  There are a number of option to help you

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Smartlipo Bumps

Uneven areas of skin after smartlipo is uncommon today due to smaller cannulas that are currently used. These uneven areas are somewhat difficult to treat, but can be selectively or individually treated by liposuction of the prominent areas with small cannulas. Depressed areas can be treated by fat grafting. This is a challenge for any liposuction surgeon, and I would recommend you seek out help from the most experienced surgeon in your area. Good Luck.

Temp Patterson, MD
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