Cheek Scar - Options and Cost?

I'm now almost nineteen, and when I was four years old I was attacked by a rottweiler Dr. Stark did many of my surgries including plastic. The last one he said thats all he'd be able to do. I just want to know what procedures can I get to have it removed compleately and around how much.

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Scar Removal Options - Dog Bite

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Hi Rebecca.  It's difficult to tell by looking at the scar whether or not another surgical revision would make it better or not.  That depends on a number of issues that would be better addressed in a consultation.

In addition to surgical options, it may be possible to improve the surface texture of the scar and the color with laser treatments.  There is some exciting work being done with fractional CO2 resurfacing for burn scar patients and also pulsed dye laser treatments may be an option if you are bother by the red color.

Consider going to several more consultations with plastic surgeons and/or laser specialists in your area to determine further options.  Good luck.

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Scar revision for the cheeks

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This scar can be improved with laser, but I would suggest scar revision surgery and z plasty to obtain the best results. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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